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Football Club "Zenit"

The Football Club "Zenit" (till 1940 - "Stalinez") is created in May, 1925 and is one of oldest commands of Russia. In championships USSR since 1936 (since 1938 - in the first league).

FC "Zenith" - champion USSR of 1984, bronze prize-winner of 1980, three times command borrowed(occupied) the fourth place (1958, 1983 and 1986), three times - fifth (1949, 1953, autumn of 1976). The owner of Cup USSR of 1944, finalist 1939 and 1984, seven times played in (1945, 1954, 1961, 1977, 1983, 1985, 1986). The owner of Supercup USSR of 1985.

In 2003 FC "Zenit" became the silver prize-winner of a championship of Russia.

In 2001 FC "Zenit" became the bronze prize-winner of a championship of Russia.

In The Cup of Russia FC "Zenith" in 1997 has reached up to 1/2, and in May, 1999 has won it. In May, 2002 FC "Zenit" the ending has reached, but has conceded Moscow CSKA.

In 2003 FC "Zenit" became the first owner of Cup of the Russian Premiere - league.

In five draws of the European club tournaments in 14 matches FC "Zenit" has gained 5 victories, 2 matches has reduced in a draw and 7 has lost. Maximum achievement - 1/8 endings of Cup of the champions (1985/86).

Most of all of games in championships USSR has lead Lev Burchalkin - 400, he is best scorer too - 78 goals. The top scorer in one championship - Anatoliy Korotkov - has scored 22 goals in 1950.

The head coaches, per different years supervising FC "Zenit": Petr Filippov, Konstantin Egorov, Konstantin Lemeshev, Mike Butusov, Ivan Tapanov, Georgiy Lasin, Vladimir Lemeshev, Nikolai Lukshinov, Arkadiy Alov, Georgiy Jarkov, Gennadiy Bondarenko, Evgeniy Eliseev, Valentin Fedorov, Artem Falyan, Evgeniy Goryansky, German Zonin, Juriy Morozov, Pavel Sadyrin, Vladimir Golubev, Stanislav Zavidonov, Anatoliy Konkov, Vycheslav Bulavin, Vycheslav Melnikov, Anatoliy Byshovez, Anatoliy Davydov, Juriy Morozov, Mike Birukov, Boris Rappoport. Now the head coach of FC "Zenit": Vlastimil Petrjela.


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