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Russian Soccer

The Russian soccer leagues are organized along the lines of most European soccer leagues. The Premier League is the highest professional league in Russia for soccer teams, with lower divisions for lesser teams. There is a relegation/promotion system, with the bottom feeders of the Premier League being sent to the First Division at the end of each season, replaced by the successful teams at the top of the First Division. Below you wiil find links to the web sites of the teams in the Premier League this year.

The Premier League

FC CSKA Web site FC "CSKA" Moscow.
FK "Zenit" Web site FC "Zenit" St. Petersbrg.
FK "Rubin" Web site FC "Rubin" Kazan.
FC "Lokomotiv" Web site FC "Lokomotiv" Moscow.
FC "Shinnik" Web site FC "Shinnik" Yaroslavl.
FC "Dinamo" Web site FC "Dinamo" Moscow.
FC "Saturn REN-TV" Web site FC "Saturn" Moscow obl.
FC "Torpedo" Web site FC "Torpedo" Moscow.
FC "Krylja Sovetov" Web site FC "Krylja Sovetov " Samara.
FC "Spartak" Web site FC "Spartak" Moscow.
FC "Rostov" Web site FC "Rostov" Rostov.
FC"Spartak-Alania" Web site FC "Spartak-Alania" Vladicaucasus.
FC "Torpedo-Metalurg" Web site FC "Torpedo-Metalurg" Moscow.
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