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Your impressions about the game and of a match as a whole?

Boris Ignatev - the head coach FC "Saturn": to me, probably, guilty to complain of destiny today. I am satisfied with all of subjects, that has taken place. There were two different times in fulfilment of our command. We very carefully prepared for the game with FC "Zenith", represented, that it is the fastest, most dynamical command in the Russian football, tried to accept counter-measures against the football players in structure "Zenith". I have in sort, that it is a lot of them, and all of them are very fast. It is necessary to tell, that in first time we have accepted many errors, have lost psychology. We have given back territory and did not try, or it was impossible, to win that space, which was given us by FC "Zenit". It was faster. In the second time we have tried to change a situation. To some extent it was possible to us. It was embodied and in a lot of the dangerous moments for a gate of the contender, and in those two goals, which we have driven. I am satisfied with the functional status of the players. It is the third match, where second time we spend much more strongly. I am grateful to our football players for all that we today have made. One point to withdraw for "Zenit" is large event.

Leshnjk has not arrived to St. Petersburg from reasons of safety?

BI: Leshnjk has arrived here.

What it is possible to explain excessive emotions of the players of both commands, in particular to yours by?

BI: I think, that in general now football is emotional. The game not settled now is more than manifestations of functionalities, while. I am very much satisfied, that in the Russian soccer there is a bullfight, present bullfight. It attracts the spectators. I think, that on this base, on this basis in a near future the game status is normalized, the fields will approach in good condition, the football will be another. The guys will be circumspect, they will operate more not on emotions, and on skill and skill.

Why "Zenit" has shown two different times?

Vlastimil Peterjela - the head coach FC "Zenit": Know, when the command loses the game, which cannot be lost. It is impossible to tell, that two different times. In the first time "Saturn" played ahead, played va-bank, pressured our command. That has made Vieshtiza is not clearly. So has bringed the command. It is impossible so to play. This beginning of a championship. I in the beginning of preparation calculated on Vieshtiza, on Horak. But unfortunately, when Lobov has received a trauma, I already knew, that there will be problems. Horak was not prepared for this game, he boots did not have, anything. But I shall understand with it.

In the beginning of a championship a plenty of drawn games: it is more, than in 50 % of matches. You connect it to a bad status of fields, the equal struggle, or what your opinion is carried on?

VP: what status the field, if Vieshtiza makes such error? There field did not prevent it(him). The goalkeeper was afraid for a gate, and Vieshtiza has taken out a ball back, is direct on the player of the contender. At what here field?

BI: I think, that the plenty of drawn games in our championship is connected that the commands of steel are more uncompromising, and functional status for the majority of commands this year very good. It is visible, that the majority of commands in preparatory period it is a lot of and fruitfully have worked. There is no such swing, as was earlier, when some commands in the functional status were much more were higher. Therefore leaders at once were defined. Today favorites, on my sight, while is not present.

To what is connected that Horak has quitted only closer by the end second ?????? And how you estimate the game Lobov?

VP: I am very pleased with the game Lobov. I prepared him on this game, for one week he knew, that will play. Horak it did not know, therefore he was very much upset.

For what purposes have you left him in a store?

VP: Why? For us two players on this position. It is his position for Frontal on replacement. He yesterday did not play for a take, and it was necessary to prepare for this game. We shall solve it among themselves in the command.

Estimate please game Kinzel and Shumulikosky, Maletich - two players acquired in inter-season period, till now never quitted in official matches. In what here business?

VP: I already spoke about it, I do not want to speak in third and fourth time. These guys came, because differently we would not have chances to play with more serious contenders. It is a difficult situation. Preparation was, what was, it is necessary to work, to work and to enter the command in one half-year. They simply having not time. They had such situation, as the last year, when we have made the new command. It was necessary to try them in companionable games, but you know, what problems were with these companionable games. Kinzel has played is healthy. He has won struggle above. I did not want, that we have lost standard situations on one and on the second side.

You do not think, what have hurried with replacements?

VP: I do not think. I know, that you want to write, that replacements bad, because we know what physical status for Bystrov, for Arshavin, for other guys. It was possible to replace some players, but I did not want, that to us have driven from standards. I did not trust, that when the command for all game has only one chance, it can to us two times drive. You speak, that the command played poorly. On my sight, the command played very well. In first time played in super-football. But such error is an impact for the command. It is the large impact for the command, large impact for me, for my operation, for all. Therefore I very much was upset today.

In three matches from four "Zenit" misses a victory at the end of the game. How do you explain it?

VP: because we have made errors. I too want to understand. I know, in what business. Some players think, that they already wizards of a world level. It not so. On the other hand, I do not want, that other players have lost reliance. One game - yet all championship. It nothing means. But fact is that we have lost two points today.

Today in a store there was no second goalkeeper. Chontofalski will have time to be restored to a match with CSKA?

VP: I think, he will not be in time. After the game with "Torpedo-Metalurg" I have told, that is not sure, that he will have time. But question not in it. I thought, that all I know about soccer, but did not know, that the command of premier league should be forced to play with one goalkeeper, with any by third. Today it was visible on Ivanov, that there are a lot of fans - and he did not stand so confidently, as in the last game.

You trust in fair-play? You do not think, what, for example, the following can play in ????? ??????? to remove last goalkeeper of "Zenit"?

VP: I always trusted in fair-play. But not all people so think. I too do not know, why the game was so is emotional. "Zenit" played well. For Jeder was so much faults what to receive only one yellow card is a horror. We on departure 100 % would receive red.

If in a gate there was a goalkeeper, which supervised by protection more authoritatively, there would be goals?

VP: I can not answer this question. I on hundred percents am not sure, that such problems would not be. On the game with "Torpedo-Metalurg" the command was afraid, was afraid, how there will be a goalkeeper. The mentality was not as always. There was no such reliance, as when on a goal Malafeev and Chontofalski. Such was not. But today it is impossible to blame Ivanov, because Vjeshtiza quietly could beat off a ball on angular, and anything do not happen. I too am upset, I understand, that the fans are upset, are upset all. It is simply impossible to lose such match.

What perspectives Filatov and Astafiev? Whether they can get even in the application for a match?

VP: we have a lot of players, everyone can not get in the application. But why Astafiev to not get in the application? I spoke about it already on the first game. Astafiev very well worked on preparation. But when we played the game, it was not much visible. As to Filatov, he has made very much gross errors, he knows about it. But if he will work, will understand the game. I have told it to him to play for a take. Over a double to supervise Nikolay Larionov. If will play well for a take, will get back in a basis. But Larionov did not yet tell to me, that Filatov played well, on the contrary. Yesterday he advised me, that very well played Shumulikosky. Therefore I wanted, that he has played. He will play for the national team against Ukraine central halfback. Excuse me, I have never been so upset yet, as after this game.

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text from official web site of FC "Zenit"

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