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What it was?

Vlastimil Peterjela - the head coach of FC "Zenit": If I knew, that it was. As in first time played centre of defense, I do not understand. It was the catastrophe. I have decided in second time to go va-bank: played only with three defenders, Gorshkov has been in a defense. Then, when we have scored the third goal, I have delayed back and Denisov. But I want to tell, that such victory shows, what character for the command. And for our command good character.

Vlastimil, we know, that you play each game only on a victory. In a break you trusted, what our command can win?

VP: I did not have reliance, that we shall win this game. But I was sure, that we shall play on a victory up to the end.

It seemed, that in first time you of minutes 35 have been near to a football field, and then of minutes on 10 send on a bench. Probably, already thought of the schedules on second , what to you to do?

VP: Yes. Because to whom to consult? The responsibility on me. Therefore I have decided to go va-bank. Let's lose - on the trainer fault. In the end already and Bystrov had no forces.

Chontofalsky is seriously injured?

VP: I hope, that is not present. But the doctor has told, that he can have trauma of a knee. It can be the large problems.

How you estimate the game of Chontofalsky? It not seemed, what he strongly was nervous all match?

VP: Chontofalsky was not nervous. In first time so played, that it was the catastrophe. He ran out from a goal, impact could cover both Vieshtitsa, and Horak. The second goal, which to him have driven is there was a case, and the player still well has punched. In second Chontofalsky not bad played on exits, and the protection insured.

Gorshkov was the best in the game with "Krylja Sovetov". Why you have not decided it(him) to expose since the first minutes?

VP: Why have not decided? Because the last year for us pair Radimov - Denisov played. It is impossible because of one game to tell - we shall play differently. This pair played in active football. Probably, it was necessary to play in another way.

Honourly I shall tell Sashka, that he is accepted in the command, he is great.

Yesterday up to the end I could not fall asleep, thought of it, that the first game - most difficult. To play with Gorshkov? Up to last moment I have not written structure, therefore I have made training at two hours, and it very much late for me. Up to last moment I thought of it.

How there is a restoring of Malafeev?

VP: Malafeev has returned yesterday from Brugge. To him have made other plaster for one month. Even one month he will have plaster, and then he will begin to train.

Who was best today in structure of "Zenit"?

VP: I do not want to speak, who was best, because all command has shown character and large desire to win such heavy game.

We congratulate, that you have such wizard, as Esipov. But all the same, probably, short bench spare. You have not made practically any tactical replacement, except for forced. To what it is connected? For you such difference in skill between a basis and store?

Vladimir Fizulin the head coach of FC "Rotor": yes. Business that the FC "Zenit" command very well plays in standard situations, therefore Mysin was forced all time to play in a defense at standards. And so the replacement - strengthening of attack arose first of all.

That a short bench - you are right. I was not decided, up to last held to drive. And for Mysin there were moments, which need to be blocked.

On how many serious trauma of Mysin?

VF: Now doctor examines him. Let's hope, that frivolous.

After the scores 2:0 what thoughts for you were?

VF: after the scores 2:0 I have told to the wards, that since the first minutes there will be an attack very serious. Therefore it is necessary to sustain the first 15 minutes, then already attack is a little weaken. There will be for certain replacements in FC "Zenit", these replacements will strengthen the game. So it also has turned out. In no event it was necessary to try on the first minutes to not skip a ball.

And this ball has given impulse, as the dope has worked on the FC "Zenit". And they have forced us these the first 15 minutes of the time to make errors. Though the first goal, I now viewed, was scored with violation. The player behind as pushed the defender and has driven. But it can be now in a temper, still we shall look on the videoequipment.

You have seen that FC "Rotor", which expected?

VP: I know, that "Rotor" the very good command always. "Rotor" does not make purchases of the players, one command plays all season. I waited, that there will be a heavy and very difficult game. But on mine, the players it did not wait, because were not prepared for the game with such difficult contender. "Rotor" always plays well, it is the very unpleasant contender. It played very well on counter-attacks in first time. I expected, that it will be the very difficult game.

How do you estimate on second time, of "Zenit" is ready to a season?

VP: In the first time there were many errors. It is a lot of errors, some players very much have not liked to me. But there can not be a bad command, which, losing 2:0, has won 3:2. Such commands - best commands. I am very pleased. It is better, than to win 2:0 or 1:0.

VF: I need only to congratulate all on the beginning of a Championship. It was joyful to see complete stadium, and the fans. They are always the best in Russia. Once again all I congratulate and I wish good luck to your command and all of you!

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