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PRESS CONFERENCE FC "Zenit" AND FC "Krylja Sovetov"
I congratulate you with opening of a new season. Not looking that the game was completed not how we would like, I think, that she(it) has brought very many positive emotions.

For you was thoughts to change Bystrov, and Spivak, so that Shirl has occupied his place without these swaps? Why you have changed Bystrov?

Vlastimil Peterjela - the head coach of FC "Zenit": I could not change Spivak, there there would be problems. We had not time. On replacement for me in ?????????? the players were not. On replacement I had players, which were not ready enough to this game. I honourly shall tell, I not so like football, in which our command played, other command looked better. It was difficult that me only yesterday have told, that the task - to win Cup, I had not time to prepare the command.

Vlastimil, and about yesterday's day you did not want to win Cup?

VP: I wanted to win Cup, and I wanted to win in a Championship. But I put before myself three tasks is much. It is possible well to be prepared for one in a championship, it is possible ?????????, it is possible not ?????????. Therefore I have told to the guys a thank for the good game, then that they have given back on a field ?? ?.

That is you promise instead of Cup of Russia Cup of UEFA?

VP: If it will be possible the command to prepare, as it is necessary, can, other players will play, I do not know. All will be in another way, most important - preparation for a championship. It was in the evening, and the morning will be successful.

Could not you comment on the game Chontofalsky?

VP: I think, that it is the very difficult game. All guys were prepared well, but was not lucky them. This impact on a leg of the player of the contender, they to us have driven is there was a difficult situation. To Chontofalsky any claims for me are not present.

After a trauma of Kudryshov, he was replaced. What trauma has received Kudryshov? And whether there were for you variants in connection with replacement: you, maybe, Sousa have solved to issue or at once have decided Bober?

Gadjy Gadjiev - the head coach of FC "Rotor": His trauma is serious. The variants for us practically were not, because we have problems with a level ???????????????? of some guys, not everyone are in an identical status. Same Sousa I could not issue earlier.

The goal, which have driven to your command, is an error of a defense or in the greater degree the active game of your players?

GG: I consider, that we managed a little to add in the end, and there still there was an attack of Karyka Therefore I consider count, that it is more a merit of our command, on the one hand. On the other hand, I understand, as the contender had chances to increase the score. ???????????? the game went with accent on attack. And in a defense of a problem were both for that, and for other command.

Whether "Zenit" will aggravate attention on a sequence with Kerjakov in the added time, when Baskakov has shown a yellow card?

VP: we looked on a video is an absolute foul shot. Honourly I can tell, because so simply I it would not tell.

Whether the attention on poor quality of the arbitrage in a championship will be stressed, or it will be lowered on brakes? After each match the command has the right to write the protest, to write the complaint on the arbiter. It will be discussed by a manual of the command after each match. Whether will be of the Polykov for you the main goalkeeper? And that he is outworn for modular Uzbekistans, whether will arise for you of problems?

GG: yes, he is for us the main goalkeeper. The problems can arise.

What has happend with Karen Dohojan?

GG: he had a trauma of a knee joint. To be operated assumes in a near future.

The undisciplined behaviour is a positive quality, that is the command did not surrender up to last, or you will punish the players?

GG: for undisciplined behaviour, in what conditions it would not occur, the football player will be punished.

In first time all junctions came to an end by that your football players laid and, like as, received traumas. Whether it seems to you, what a season early starts, and the command physically is not ready?

GG: I on the contrary consider, that both commands were well prepared physically. Such to the speaker to sustain during 90 minutes of the game to not weaken size of movement, to not reduce speed is a certificate of a good level physical ???????????????? of both commands. And that, as to junctions, in the total for us two serious traumas, and I think, that of bruises serious ten is. The speed was high enough. At such speed, if the players collide, the collision happens serious. For us in the command of the simulators in general I do not see.

How the commands will train?

VP: we shall prepare as always.

Here or in Tuapse?

VP: here.

GG: for us of possibility to train at home is not present, we shall train in Kislovodsk.

Vlastimil, personally for you this season will be easier, than the first season in Russia, or is more difficult?

VP: The beginning of a championship very difficult, what I can tell? My operation - to train, I shall do a maxima, that the command played well. Our command will play well. The today's game has shown, that the command plays on speed, on the large speed. But it would be desirable to replace two central half-backs, I had time to solve it without problems. But there nobody was. We have agreed, but Arshavin has told me, he simply had not time. He simply was not ready to having were in time to win in defence. Therefore we also went va-bank last five minutes. If Radimov or Denisov were ready, it would be other game. But in general I am very pleased with the game. It is simple soccer, the showdown is simple.

If you speak, what Bystrov was not ready enough, why was not in the command Maletich?

VP: You know, when has come Maletich in the command? When Maletich will be ready, he will play. What I can tell? I shall take the player from a street, and he will play? He one collections has worked in "Saturn", others - with us. There were problems, he did not have visa in Holland, and I just wanted him there to play. He is the very good player, and very clever boy. He will play. I have solved only problem: Arshavin or Bystrov before the game. It was one of those problems, which I have solved. But I have made how has made. Has told Bystrov, that in preparation all was, as was, but he will play better and better. I in it on 100 % am sure. I in it am sure, because Denisov, for example, fast has understood, how it is necessary to work what to do. Because initially with them there were problems. Now any problems is not present. With Denisov any problems are not present. He has come to me and has told, that "«silver" as the last year itself wants. he wants to be to the best players in "Zenit" and in Russia.

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text from official web site of FC "Zenit"

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